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This photographer wanted to bring her personality into her website content. It’s important that her clients know and trust her when they choose her for their special occasions.



My story

I’ve always loved to take photos, even as a youngster. You know those people that make days out about 50% longer than they should be? Because every 5-10 steps they’re snapping away? Yes, that’s me.

While my career so far has involved cameras, it hasn’t felt quite enough. There’s been a missing link. And that’s why {BUSINESS NAME} is here today. To fulfil my purpose and bring my expertise to those that need it.

My mission is to make sure you don’t miss a single instant. We are so busy living that we often forget to stop, take a breath, and embrace the moment we’re in. I’ll put all those special bits in a bottle that you can keep forever.

This world we live in is beautiful. And the people in it, stunning. My role is the Beauty and Memory Catcher. To capture the essence and sheer beauty in every second.


The Business You

It’s no longer enough to just be professional – you need to have a personality too. People buy from people after all. So, let me help YOU shine through your brand like a beacon and stand out from the crowd.


You’ll get all your images, ready to use across all your business platforms.


The Family You

There is nothing more special than capturing the spirit of your family through a storyboard of images. You’ll choose from a selection of picturesque locations and we’ll spend an hour together creating a unique playground for you and your tribe.

Your keepsake for the day will be an A3 professional print, a USB with all images edited and access to your personalised online gallery.

With little time, this client needed help with her social media content. Her number one goal was attracting the right women to her groups, so she needed to put her unique personality into content at the same time as showcasing the professionalism of the network. Here are of the posts that I created for her.




The bottom line for me, what gets me up in the morning, is that my ‘job’ allows me to help women grow every single day.

There are so many amazing businesses out there. But so many of these women feel isolated. I know that because I once did too.

Today, I’m here as the missing link that connects all of these women and provides them with conducive environment to learn, share and build relationships. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many flourish, and I want that for you too.

I believe that every woman, irrelevant of background, deserves the chance to thrive. They have the right to support. And I’m 100% committed as the facilitator that provides what they need.



What strikes me most about the women I work with is drive and commitment to their cause. And I don’t call it a ‘cause’ by mistake. Their business is not just a business. It’s a purpose.

The common qualities I see in women working forwards a purpose is a deep compassion and true human kindness – traits that the World needs more of.

Being surrounded by such inspiration every day, is it any wonder that I want to help as many women as I possibly can?

When you made the decision to be your own boss, you did it for good reason. Maybe because you wanted a better a life, most probably for your family. Or you made the leap because of a burning desire to help others.

Whatever the reason, the reward for your dedication is this. Your wish will be granted, provided you put all the right tools in place.

And human connection is quite possibly the most powerful tool you can have.



Everyone has heard of the go-getter haven’t they? That successful, usually corporate, individual that just goes for what they want. While I admire the go-getters, I also think there’s room for another way. The working world is changing (thankfully!) and there’s been a shift from the go-getter to the go-giver.


It’s recognised more than it ever has in the past, that giving almost always leads to receiving. Having a ‘How can I help you?’ mindset makes you a desirable connection who’s high in demand. Just think about it for a moment – are you more likely to connect with someone who is known for giving? Or known for taking?


What can you bring to our group? I’d love to hear from you. Message to come and visit us.

The financial planning industry has a stereotype of using long and complicated copy in its communications. This client wants to show people that financial planning isn’t to be feared and should be accessible to everyone, irrelevant of status. The brief was to bring some human connection into her website content, whilst ensuring credibility and professionalism remained intact. Here’s how we tackled her website content.




How we can help you?

We can guide you through the following:

Pensions | Investments | Protection for you and your family

However, we can also do so much more than this!



At {CLIENT} we understand that financial products can be confusing and perhaps a little daunting at times. We can help you to make sense of your existing arrangements and provide you with a Financial Plan that will take you where you from where you are now, to where you want to be with your finances.


By looking at the ‘Bigger Picture’ and taking the time to fully understand your hopes and ambitions for the future, we aim to set you on track to achieve those financial goals. We also offer a regular review service so that we can help you to stay on track, then review and adapt the plan, as and when your circumstances change.



{CLIENT} is our Director and Chartered Financial Planner.


As you’d expect, she is well equipped to help you. Having worked in Financial Services for 20 years, she has extensive technical knowledge and a long list of professional qualifications. But there’s more. She is here to break the mould, and offer an informal, friendly approach to financial planning.


So many people fear looking into their true financial situation and the result is a generation of hard-working professionals, without the financial products in place to protect their future.


{CLIENT} will take you through your finances, with you, your needs and your family’s needs firmly at the core of any recommendations.


Outside of work, {CLIENT} is a keen horse rider and lover of the great outdoors. She also loves all things musical and takes any opportunity she can to visit the Theatre!

Private dining is a growing industry with the success of The Secret Supper Society. This client loves the ethos but wants to differentiate herself and become THE place to go locally for private dining. This is some of the website content I created for her.




I’m {CLIENT}, a country girl with a big passion for cooking home grown, locally sourced British produce and a love of entertaining. I create unique dining experiences for people that enjoy home cooking, with the luxury of all the best bits from a restaurant, and the feel of a dinner party with friends. Every experience is relaxed, comfortable and comes with the breath-taking views from our beautiful farm.

Now you know a little about me and what I offer, let me explain why I open up my home to provide this for people like you.

I’m a self-taught home cook and from a young age was doing all the cooking for the family. It was my legacy to my mum – to follow in her footsteps and be the absolute best cook I could be.

Fast forward through the years, and food continued to feature. From completing a cookery course at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine to opening a bakery on Koh Tao in Thailand, it’s a part of me that I want to keep growing.

Now back to my farming roots, serving food grown from the land, I’m bringing together all my skills and experiences with {BUSINESS NAME}.

Eventually I want to be self-sufficient with every menu grown and reared here on the farm. Vegetables, fruit, flowers – edible and decorative, herbs, eggs and meat.   Nothing compares to the flavour of corn on the cob that is cooked within minutes of being picked, or a perfectly ripe tomato eaten warm from the greenhouse!  For now, I’ll continue to grow what I can whilst supporting local farmers, markets and butchers.


Every dining experience will be unique and inspired by seasonal produce. You’ll have the opportunity to try foods that you can’t buy in the supermarkets – and you’ll walk away wondering why not!

From the moment you arrive, you’re encouraged to relax, and just enjoy being cooked for in all of nature’s beauty. You’ll be served by waitresses just as you’d expect at a restaurant, but without the hustle and bustle.

Everyone arrives together, is served together and is allowed the peace to eat and enjoy the food with no distractions.

There will be a set menu, different on every occasion.  I don’t finalise the menu until a few days before the evening as it’s so dependent on what produce is available, but if you’d like to see past menus then I can email them to you.  Reservations can be made through the website with a deposit required to secure the booking.  The remainder is paid on the night by cash.

{BUSINESS NAME} is not just about the food. It’s an intimate experience where all decision making is taken away so all you need to do is relax, eat, drink and ultimately enjoy the company of the friends and family you’re sitting with!

I have space for table sizes of 2 to 24 people with anything in between.  If you have a special date in mind that isn’t on the website, then please contact me.  As well as evenings, I can accommodate lunch parties on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays.

When I was approached to donate some time and help with website content for a project launching in South Africa, I didn’t hesitate. My role was to tell the story of what the project will achieve. This is the content now live on the site.





Education is the key to sustainability. The people of the Karoo can not only survive but thrive, if we just take the time to show them how.


Together, we’ll guide them on achieving self-sustainable living by generating free energy from our planet’s natural resources. The re-generation of endemic species of fauna and flora matters. As does soil and water preservation. We have change in our hands.


The opportunity is ours. With our biodiverse volunteer hub we can create something special. We can bring balance to the conservation and preservation of Earth’s natural resources and habitats.


And we do that through education, human culture and community.




Why the Karoo?


The Karoo needs our help and it’s our responsibility to provide it.


Our team have personal family history with the area, so they can see how dire the current situation is. This gives us a unique perspective and our vision is to turn it around for the communities that live there.


The Karoo is a beautiful, unspoilt region in Southern Africa. It’s scarcely populated and is abundant with unique treasures of biodiversity and ethnic heritage.


But years of severe drought have eroded the region and now sustainable technology and practice is the only solution to its survival and longevity.


What is it like to live in the Karoo today?


Climate change is real and it’s devastated the region. Job loss is high and the small-town communities that rely on farm trade are dwindling fast.


With no Government support, farmers, labourers and their families are being forced to relocate, into communities with no infrastructure to support them.


It is a region where uncertainty for the future is a daily concern and survival is the only priority.




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